TTR technology combines polyester thermal transfer ribbon pigmented with low micron ratings, with markers that mount electronic heads.

Among the materials obtained with this technology, ribbons in wax and resin; wax and resin solutions are also available.


  • High-sensitivity ribbon, suitable for general transport logistics and industrial packaging applications
  • Requires low energy at the head (10 mj/mm).
  • Offers excellent sharpness of characters at high printing speed
  • Not recommended for applications that require high resistance to abrasion and chemical agents


  • Ribbon with intermediate sensitivity, suitable for applications on transport labels, automatic distribution and, in general, on labels subjected to average abrasion
  • Requires low energy at the head (12 mj/mm)
  • Offers printing sharpness along with high speed, it has good resistance to abrasion, not recommended for resistance to chemical agents.


  • Ribbon with intermediate sensitivity, made in synthetic resin to offer maximum resistance to abrasion and chemical agents such as alcohol, kerosene, gasoline and industrial oils
  • Requires higher printing energy at the head (16 mj/mm), recommended for slow speeds