A coding system

Industrial coding is a tracking system realized using a type of thermal transfer stamping. Discover more. This technology is used to print labels with bar codes and sell-by dates.

In the large retail sector, as in small niche markets, every product has an identification code printed on different types of paper or plastic material.

Our proposal

In the vast world of industrial marking, we propose the following product lines:

  • Thermal Transfer Ribbon: known as TTR, it is technology that combines polyester thermal transfer ribbon with the possibility of changing the information to be stamped on the label in real time.
  • Hot stamping: a film that releases a thin film of ink thanks to the combined action of pressure and heat.
  • Hot Ink Rolls: ideal for high speed printing of industrial packaging; they are sponge pads impregnated with ink.
  • Inkjet: used for ink jet marking.
  • Pharmaceutical Stamping Foil: products formulated for applications in the medical field, (bags for physiological solutions, syringes) with excellent definition of the high speed printing characters.

The sectors of application

The wide range of products was developed from the need to offer a solution for different technical necessities.

The ranges offered are ideal for industrial coding in the food, paper technology packaging, freight storage and forwarding, clothing, pharmaceutical and perfumery sectors.