High performance inks and solvents

The inkjet inks are 100% compatible with those sold under the trademark of the most well-known international manufacturers of inkjet printers.

Our inks and solvents offer quality and performance guaranteed for O.E.M. fluids, absolute compatibility with original equipment fluids, with packaging identical to those provided by the manufacturer of the machinery.


Applicazione di un inkjet per la codifica industriale

Our range

  • Black and coloured water, alcohol, mek and oil-based inks and solvents (for high resolution heads with trident motor), for the DOD and PIEZO inkjet printers with large characters.
  • Black and coloured water, alcohol, and mek-based inks and solvents, make-up and solvents for the CIJ inkjet printers with small characters.


  • Food industry
  • Pharmaceutical/Perfumery
  • Logistics/Couriers
  • Hardware/Small parts
  • Clothing